Top 10 Board Games for All Ages

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We all love indulging ourselves in exciting board games during family get togethers. So here is a list of the best 10 board games you can easily get your hands on.


This is probably the most popular board games across the world. There are various versions of the game available in the market. I suggest you to buy two games, the senior as well as the junior versions. This way you can let the little ones of the family to indulge in their own match.

  2. Trivial Pursuit (Family Edition)

The initial version of trivial pursuit was designed by keeping the older age group in mind. The lately released family version will help you to engage the kids as well. You can also team up with your favourite cousin and play the game in pairs.

3. Clank!

Clank is a seamless of combination to two greatest board games, i.e, Dungeon Crawling and
Deck-building. The players compete to steal the best artifacts which are placed in the lowest levels of a multi-leveled dungeon. You have to exit before the enraged dragon makes repeated attempts to kill you.

4.Jax Jumbo Sequence Tube Game

This is the best game for adults and older kids of the family. The player who comes up with most number of five card sequences in a given session is declared the winner. This easily portable board game is the ideal choice for family night outs and vacations.

5. Ticket to Ride

The basic game plan is to build a long train route that reaches a destination with highest points. Even though it is simple to play it will definitely give you another memorable experience.

6. Captain Sonar

It is another exciting board game played by eight players in two teams. The players take control of two submarines in a real time, difficult to achieve survival. This game will excite family members of all age group.

7. Carcassonne

If you are a board game nerd you must already be familiar with this one. The victory here depends equally on luck and strategy. You grab more points by strategically placing your meeples.

8. Great Western Trail

Introduced in 2010, this is one of the best game purely revolving around strategies. The pursuit to achieve enough points to become victorious takes fun to a whole new level.

9. Pie Face

If you are going to try this game for the first time, then I assure you some great fun. The game which is designed by Hasbro lets you score a point for every time you turn the handle and yet escape the spattle.

10. Scythe

It was declared as the best board game introduced in 2016 by board game geeks across the world. The marvellous illustration of the Eastern Europe during early 1920’s on an hexagonal board makes the game even more interesting. Unlike most of the other board games Scythe penalizes direct warfare. This makes the game even more interesting.

Try these board games on your next family outing and let us know about your exciting experiences!