Overcoming language barriers when playing board games

board games in german

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For board games enthusiasts, it is just but an exciting challenge to come across any board game. But what if it requires you to play it in German and yet you do not know the language?

Well, I want to tell you about an amazing language course I recently took. It’s called Rocket German, and it’s awesome.

Rocket German offers free German lessons to help you learn the language, play that board game and enjoy it as if it was in your mother tongue. It is a comprehensive course that will engage you, and you can learn the language right away. The course has online lessons and an Android app option which means you can learn on the move. These online lessons are truly innovative, and you can learn the language on your mobile device as you play your board game.

What do the lessons entail?

Rocket German uses various approaches to teach you the language. These include words and phrases lessons, pronunciation lessons using audio and voice recognition and English translations. As a board game enthusiast, you can use the test and games approach to learn while you play. The course also details grammar rules and offers useful tips progressively.

Grammar course: This lesson has its main focus on grammar. It covers the alphabet, numbers, and syntax. It will give you a basic overview and help you grasp the basics as you begin learning.

Interactive Audio: As you play your board game you can use the audio lessons to practice the language pronunciation. These audio lessons will build your confidence in both the board game and the language.

Survival Kit: This focuses on the most basic terms that you would need to get by. If you are playing the board game for a few times, it will help you enjoy the game.

Tests and Games: This is especially useful for board game lovers. It gives you a chance to practically test your skills on the game and reinforce your knowledge of German.

Why Rocket German?

  • Fast course: The audio lessons are a crash course and for the basics it is perfect. You can play a board game in German just as soon as you start your first lesson.
  • Entertaining: The lessons are filled with good humour and are very user-friendly. This makes it fun to learn the language and be patient through the dull parts.
  • Different strategies: Depending on your preference, you can learn the course in a manner that best suits you. You can read, listen to audio or use the games approach.
  • Android and iOS app: This allows you to undertake the course anywhere in the world. This means that you can play your board game while still learning on your device to help you whenever you get stuck.
  • No Installation: All you need is to log in to the website. It does not have software to download and install, and you can start using it the moment you log in.
  • No subscription fees: It is a one-time purchase and provides free updates.

Still undecided?

If you are looking for a detailed review about this language course, you can go to SpeakingAbroad, a website specialising in helping tourists overcome language barriers. here you can find an in-depth rocket German review.

Good luck and enjoy your next board game in a coffee shop in Berlin!