Secret Hitler Boardgame Review

secret hitler

Summary: Designer: Tommy Maranges Mike Boxleiter, and Max Temkin Publisher: Cabbage & Goat Wolf Year Published: 2016 Number of Players: 5-10 Play Time: 45 min Ages: 13+ The year is 1932. The location is pre-WWII Germany. Players are German politicians trying to hold a fragile Liberal government and stem the rising tide of Fascism. Watch out there are key Fascists among you, and one player is Secret Hitler. (Taken from instructions) Rules and Setup: Setup is accomplished by giving each participant a small envelope Party Membership, Secret Role, and Yes and No cards for voting. A Fascist and Liberal board… Read more >

Overcoming language barriers when playing board games

board games in german

For board games enthusiasts, it is just but an exciting challenge to come across any board game. But what if it requires you to play it in German and yet you do not know the language? Well, I want to tell you about an amazing language course I recently took. It’s called Rocket German, and it’s awesome. Rocket German offers free German lessons to help you learn the language, play that board game and enjoy it as if it was in your mother tongue. It is a comprehensive course that will engage you, and you can learn the language right… Read more >

Travel Chess Sets

Best Travel Chess Sets Reviewed     Time to take a closer look at travel chess sets. As we already mentioned in our Top Ten Board Game post, Chess is the number 1 board game in the world. It’s fun, mentally stimulating and now, with a travel chess set, you can take it along for the ride. Travel chess sets come in many sizes. There are two kinds. The smallest and most compact kind is a flat styled board. Take a look at the picture below. The board is flat and so are the pieces. In general, this kind of… Read more >

Board Game Blog – Delve board game review

Thanks Rahdo for this awesome review of Delve, the board game. We are really happy to be able to share this in depth review on our board game blog. Please check out his channel hereĀ for other informative review videos. Delve, the board game – Review Blog   Here are my final thoughts for Delve, the board game. Which really does what it sets out to do very very nicely. This is really a game from designers Richard Launius and first-time designer I believe, Peter Shirey. They have achieved what they wanted to do,which is basically completely re-theme Carcasonne and give… Read more >