Operation! Board Game

operation board game

Operation is an electronic board game of patience and skill that tests each players’ steadiness and hand-eye coordination. Watch out though, if you get sloppy and make a mistake the patient’s pain will be expressed for all to see with the light of his nose and sounding of the buzzer.

The game was invented by John Spinello as a college mission while studying at the University of Illinois. When the game got to Milton Bradley, it kept it’s original purpose but was then redesigned into the board game we have come to love so dearly.

Milton Bradley released the game in 1965 featuring our famous Cavity Sam with his light up red nose and many ailments; Butterflies in the Stomach, Bread Basket, Ankle Bone Connected to the Knee Bone, and so on.

In celebration of those games 40th birthday Americans voted on Cavity Sam’s newest trouble.

Over time there have been some special editions of the game such as Spider-Man, The Simpsons, and most recently Toy Story 3. No matter which version it remains a staple of family game night.

In 2008 Cavity Sam got an upgrade with thirteen new awkward and exciting “Funatomy” ailments, each with their unique sound associated with them. Players must listen to the noises for leadership. Gameplay is slightly different than the original game, but still, a blast to play with.

Object of Operation

Collect the most dollars by performing successful “operations.”

What’s in the Box?

  • Game Board: The plastic framed game board features the patient,
  • Cavity Sam. Poor ol’ Cavity Sam has 12 openings or “cavities.”
  • Doctor and Specialist cards
  • Funatomy Pieces
  • Surgical Tweezers
  • Play Money

cavity sam

Setting up the Game

  1. Place all of the Funatomy pieces in their corresponding places. Make sure that they lay flat in the bottom of the cavity.
  2. Choose a player to play the banker. He or she will be responsible for paying the players.
  3. One pile of Doctor cards and another Specialist cards.
  4. Place any extra cards into the side.
  5. Shuffle the Doctor cards and put them face down in reach of all players.

It’s an excellent idea to set a time limit for attempting an operation. One minute appears to be sufficient. If the player doesn’t finish the task in the time limit, it is considered unsuccessful.

How to play the game

The youngest player goes first followed by the player to their left, and so on.

The player draws the top card from the Doctor heap. The card will tell them which “funatomy” part to remove and the fee they’ll be compensated for a successful operation. The player then takes the surgical tweezers and tries to eliminate the “funatomy” part without touching the edges of the cavity. If they’re successful they are paid from the lender the charge designated on the card, they maintain the part, and the Doctor card is put out of play. It’s now the next player’s turn.

If they are making a mistake, then the part is dropped back into the cavity, and their turn is over. The player with the specialist card for the “unsuccessful operation” is currently permitted to give it a go.

If the Pro is successful, they receive the fee on the specialist card. If the physician and Specialist are both ineffective, the Doctor card is then placed at the bottom of the draw pile, and the Specialist holds onto their card for the next time that operation is attempted.

If the participant has both the Doctor card along with the Specialist card for the same operation, they get two attempts to perform the process.

One thing to note is that if you ever lose your operation probes, you can find an extra pair from a multimeter.

Winning Operation!

When all twelve “funatomy” pieces have been removed successfully then the game is over, after that the player with the most cash is declared the as the winner.

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Creating your own board game

A fun and interesting activity with boardgames is creating your very own board game. 

But how to do it? Well, we have an artist who might be able to help you. Meet Kseniia Snikhovska from

3D Pens can help you create your own plastic board game

She has been drawing with 3D pens for the last couple of years and has designed a whole array of interesting items which you can view in her portfolio. But we here at Pelissier are more interested in how we can use one of her 3D pens to create our very own board game. Well, let’s get started.

  • Firstly we have to choose which boardgame we will create, for now, we will go with something very simple, like checkers.
  • Secondly, we have to choose if we are going to make only the pieces ourselves, or if we are going to create the board as well.
  • Thirdly we have to choose a method which we will use to create the board and pieces with, here we suggest a 3D pen and plastic.plastic checkers

3D pens are really a fairly new and really cool technology that allows you to use an extruder and melt plastic to create permanent shapes made of different kinds of plastic. Similar to how a glue gun works.

How to use a 3D Pen, and choosing the best one for the job

What is important to know is how to operate a 3D pen, and it is also important to select the best 3D pen on the market. You can take a look at Kseniia’s page called 3D Pen and Plastic Reviews.

Then once you’ve selected a 3D Pen and chosen a plastic strong enough to create a durable board game you are good to go. The next part of the process will be to find a real checkers piece, or google a drawing on the internet and try to recreate it. This may not work very well on the first attempt, as a 3D pen takes a bit of time to get used to.

Don’t fret, you will soon get the hang of it, and create a checkers piece is definitely one of the simpler objects to make.

We suggest you take a piece of wood and paint it, to create the dark and light squares, and then you can also create some cool decorations for your new 3D painted chess set. Remember to choose a plastic such as PLA or ABS. 

Something which is durable and hard enough to withstand many hours of checkers.


Once you have completed this, well the rest is up to you. There are plenty of things you can do to make your new checkers board unique and personalized. Just remember, you created the board to play checkers, so keep it functional.

Well, that’s it for now. I wish you good luck with your board game creating adventures. As always, if you liked this post, or if you ended up attempting to create your own board game, please share it with us in the comment section below. We at Pelissier Cie do hope you have an enjoyable September.

Until next time, happy board gaming lovely readers.

And good luck!


Top 10 Board Games for All Ages

We all love indulging ourselves in exciting board games during family get togethers. So here is a list of the best 10 board games you can easily get your hands on.


This is probably the most popular board games across the world. There are various versions of the game available in the market. I suggest you to buy two games, the senior as well as the junior versions. This way you can let the little ones of the family to indulge in their own match.

  2. Trivial Pursuit (Family Edition)

The initial version of trivial pursuit was designed by keeping the older age group in mind. The lately released family version will help you to engage the kids as well. You can also team up with your favourite cousin and play the game in pairs.

3. Clank!

Clank is a seamless of combination to two greatest board games, i.e, Dungeon Crawling and
Deck-building. The players compete to steal the best artifacts which are placed in the lowest levels of a multi-leveled dungeon. You have to exit before the enraged dragon makes repeated attempts to kill you.

4.Jax Jumbo Sequence Tube Game

This is the best game for adults and older kids of the family. The player who comes up with most number of five card sequences in a given session is declared the winner. This easily portable board game is the ideal choice for family night outs and vacations.

5. Ticket to Ride

The basic game plan is to build a long train route that reaches a destination with highest points. Even though it is simple to play it will definitely give you another memorable experience.

6. Captain Sonar

It is another exciting board game played by eight players in two teams. The players take control of two submarines in a real time, difficult to achieve survival. This game will excite family members of all age group.

7. Carcassonne

If you are a board game nerd you must already be familiar with this one. The victory here depends equally on luck and strategy. You grab more points by strategically placing your meeples.

8. Great Western Trail

Introduced in 2010, this is one of the best game purely revolving around strategies. The pursuit to achieve enough points to become victorious takes fun to a whole new level.

9. Pie Face

If you are going to try this game for the first time, then I assure you some great fun. The game which is designed by Hasbro lets you score a point for every time you turn the handle and yet escape the spattle.

10. Scythe

It was declared as the best board game introduced in 2016 by board game geeks across the world. The marvellous illustration of the Eastern Europe during early 1920’s on an hexagonal board makes the game even more interesting. Unlike most of the other board games Scythe penalizes direct warfare. This makes the game even more interesting.

Try these board games on your next family outing and let us know about your exciting experiences!